Starting a garden from scratch is fun. So is buying a small potted plant and watching it grow. Now, what isn’t so enjoyable is finding weeds in your garden, or that your plant no longer thrives as it competes for space, light and water. So here are some of our gardening maintenance tips.

Why Rainwater is Better For Plants Than Tap water

I love rainy days. Besides the melancholic mood, it's lovely to rug up on a rainy day. Not to mention, ...
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Ants – Boon or Bane in the Garden?

I am somewhat fond of ants, having had an little ant farm as a science experiment when I was a ...
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5 Things to Do to Maintain Your Garden

Everyone loves a beautiful garden. But not everyone knows how to maintain a garden or has the inclination to. Our ...
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Natural Pest Control Remedies

Pest control are an ongoing issue that every gardener faces. There are many pest control products available on the market ...
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Having plant pest troubles? Here is a list of five of the most common plant pests and how to identify and eliminate them.

How To Identify and Eliminate Indoor Plant Pests

Pests can be annoying, and the last thing you want is to see that your plant baby is being attacked ...
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Bird bath in garden - Botanique Lane

Benefits of Having a Bird Bath in Your Garden

Being outdoors in the garden is a calming and therapeutic experience (especially more so for those of us in lockdown ...
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Plant pots sitting on a coffee table.

The Most Common Indoor Plant Problems

As you start decorating your interior spaces with plants, be aware that they are living beings and even though all ...
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Weeds growing in the lawn.

5 Ways to Control Weeds in the Garden

Weeds are the bane of every gardener. They spring up in the most inconvenient, hard-to-reach spots. They grow voraciously. Some ...
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