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Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

If you have a small courtyard or live in an apartment with a small balcony, it is still possible to grow your own vegetables. The solution is vertical gardening.

Why consider vertical gardening?

Vertical gardening has become popular in recent years for a few reasons:

Space saving: Vertical gardens take up less space than traditional gardens, as you can maximise the space by allowing your plants/vegetables to grow upwards.

Protection from pests: When plants grow horizontally on the ground, they are more likely to be accessible to pests. However, when plants are growing upwards and off the ground, pests such as snails and slugs are noticeably reduced.

Protection from accidental damage: This is especially so if you have young children or dogs who may trample onto your vegetables which are grown on the ground. When vegetables are growing vertically upwards off the ground, there is no chance of a young child or pet trampling on them.

Protects your back: Yes! A vertical garden means you won’t have to bend down as much to weed or pick off leaves/fruits for cooking. However, you may need a step stool in order to reach the top of your vertical garden.

Improved harvest: When vegetables are grown at eye level, you are more likely to notice when to harvest your crop compared to when they are on the ground, especially with strawberries. Plants get better airflow when grow vertically, which reduces diseases and results in stronger plants.

Improves the environment: A vertical garden can act as a privacy screen or a green fence to block unsightly brick walls or balcony rails. Having a vertical garden in a small apartment also helps to improve the air quality.

How Garden Towers Work

What to Grow in Tower Garden

Here’s a salad tower growing plan serves as a useful guide for planting:

Vertical Garden Products

While it is possible for you to create a vertical garden using pipes, pots and other materials if you are handy with tools, you could also consider ready-made products for this very purpose.

Our Top Picks:

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Container Garden suitable for organic patio vegetable gardening
Ultra Efficient LED Grow Light Kit (240 watt) optimized for indoor produce production with Garden Towers and other vertical or horizontal growing platforms.  

Happy gardening! Don’t forget to send us photos of how your vertical garden develops!

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