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Types of Plant Pots

What is the perfect pot for your new plant? If you’re struggling to pick one, who can blame you since there is a huge selection of plant pots available online and in your local garden centre.

Main Categories of Pots

There are 2 main categories of pots – those that are porous (eg. clay, wood, stone, terracotta and ceramic pots) and those that are not (eg. plastic, metal, and fibreglass pots). It is important to know what soil conditions your plant requires, so that you may select the right type of pot for it.

Besides these 2 main categories, it is almost important to note that there is a range of options including:

(a) Drainage holes – with or without. A plant that requires drier soils will prefer a pot with drainage holes, while a plant doesn’t mind waterlogged soils will do well in a pot without drainage holes.

(b) Shape of pot – trough, square/cube, cylinder/cone, bowl, egg, tall squares, shallow tray, etc. This really depends on the shape of your plant and your personal preferences.

(c) Size of pot – small pots (under 10 cm) for seedlings to large (100 cm) for large plants and small trees.

(d) Purpose of pot – window box, raised vegetable bed, wall mounted pot, hanging basket, decorative/quirky pot, seed tray, etc.

Besides considering the pot options listed above, consideration must be given to whether the pot is meant to be indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Plant Pots

If you have a plant that requires drainage holes in the pot, it can be tricky finding a suitable plant pot for it especially if you have timber floors which may be damaged with too much moisture.

There are a couple of options. You may use a plastic drip tray which is emptied regularly. Alternatively, place a pot with drainage holes into another pot that does not have holes, ie. ‘double potting’. This provides you with a wider range of options when choosing indoor plant pots which match the interior decor.

Types of indoor pots featuring plastic, ceramic, concrete and terracotta.

Outdoor Plant Pots

Your choice of outdoor plant pots depends mainly on their location. If you are placing your outdoor pot on the timber deck, then you would have to be mindful of protecting the deck from water damage, similar to how you would care for indoor timber floors.

The main consideration for an outdoor is whether it is in the sun or shade most of the time. A metal plant pot that is in the sun will be too hot in summer, resulting in overheating. Excessive heat may cause damage to plant roots.

A dark coloured pot will also absorb too much heat in summer, resulting in the same excessive heat issue.

Types of outdoors pots featuring plastic hanging pots and light coloured terracotta pots.

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