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Top 5 Things Not to Put in Your Compost Bin

Certain things are not suitable for composting.  Including these are a sure-fire way to mess up the compost and render it useless.

Tips on what not to put into your compost bin

1. Meat & Dairy Products

Never put meat and dairy products (no matter how small the amount may be) into your compost. Food scraps with small amounts of eggs, dairy or fats and oils can be attractive to scavengers like rats. Yikes!

2. Oil

There is a school of thought that believes it is alright to add oil to compost.

However, our opinion is that the smell of fat, heavy cooking oil and greasy stuff attract vermin. So they are not part of our recommended items for composting.

3. Non-Vegetarian Animal Waste

Avoid the urge to place dog poo, cat litter, or babies’ nappies into the compost. These are definite no nos! Put them into compost and you’re guaranteed to have unwanted pests and smells. Ewww!

4. Weeds

Now, this is a tricky one. There’s honestly no right or wrong answer. Weeds can be composted, but they may come back with a vengeance in your garden if compost containing their seeds are scattered into your garden bed. Generally, the temperature needs to be high enough to kill seeds (55°C or 130°F), which may not always be achieved in a compost bin.

5. Seeds

We recommend removing seeds from vegetables before chucking them into the compost. It can be a little troublesome but will save you the hassle of future seedlings sprouting up wherever your compost scattered across your garden. Some seeds may die in the heat of the compost, but this is not always guaranteed.

Now that you know what not to put into your compost bin, check out our article on top 4 things to put into your compost bin.