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Growing Indoor Plants In Water

Overwatering, under watering, sometimes it’s just hard to keep your plants alive. So why not eliminate that factor altogether and grow your plants in water. Growing plants in water means that there are no gnats, no soil and you get to watch the roots grow. This method is low maintenance and disease and pest resistant.

So what plants can you grow in water?

The best indoor plants that grow in water.

1. Pothos

Pothos in a hanging pot

Pothos is featured a lot here on Botanique Lane. Check out our other articles on our beloved pothos plant.

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2. Arrowhead

arrowhead plant water propagation

Arrowhead plants or syngoniums are a tropical vine. To Propagate them, cut an inch below an aerial root so that it will grow in water.

3. Philodendron

how to grow philodendron in water

Philodendrons, like Arrowheads, are also a tropical plant. To propagate Philodendrons, cut below an aerial root with sharp scissors and transfer to water.

4. English Ivy

water propagating english ivy

English Ivy is able to be propagated by cutting approximately six inches of a mature plant’s vine and submerging the stem in water. Do not let the leaves touch water.

5. Monstera

monstera, what plants to grow in water

Monstera plants are able to be propagated in water if the stem removed contains an aerial root. So trim a stem off and submerge it in water.

6. Peace Lily

peace lily, how to grow plants in water

Peace Lilies do best when transferred into water as a whole plant rather than propagated so wash off the soil and place it in water.

7. Spider Plant

growing spider plants in water

Spider plants are water propagated by trimming off a pup from the main plant and placing the roots in water. They grow super fast.

8. Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo sprouting leaves in water

Lucky bamboo can simply be placed in a bottle of water. Nothing special, just fertilise it once in a while.

9. Wandering Jew

wandering jew, growing in water

Take scissors and trim a stem, removing lower sets of leaves. Place the node in water to regrow roots in a container that submerges them.

10. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen, water propagation

Remove a stem with roots and transfer it into a glass jar that submerges the roots in water. Use rainwater where possible. We recommend removing at least six inches of stem to regrow a Chinese Evergreen in Water.

How to grow your plants in water?

Most plants are able to propagate in water but not all will thrive and grow in water. Growing plants without soil is known as hydroculture and instead of potting soil, gel/water beads or clay pebbles are used. They absorb and contain water so that the roots get to breathe while getting water as it allows air to circulate around the roots.

To grow your plant in water, remove the plant with roots and transfer it into a glass jar, submerging the roots in water. It is best to use rainwater as it doesn’t contain chemicals. However, if you are going to use tap water, leave the water in the jar for a day to let the chlorine evaporate.

Have fun growing plants in water!

Indoor Gardening

Indoor Plants That Love Low Light

Here is a list of indoor plants that love low light so you can enjoy them while they enjoy your home.

It can be frustrating when you love plants but your home doesn’t have enough windows or natural light to facilitate the plants you have.

You don’t always need a brightly lit home and a green thumb to keep pretty indoor plants. There are an abundance of indoor plants that are low-light tolerant, forgiving and easy to care for. There are even plants that prefer shade to sun! If you are looking for low-light, low-maintenance additions for your home, we’re glad you’re here.

Best indoor low light plants

1. Devil’s Ivy

Pothos in a hanging pot, indoor plants that love low light.

Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) is a plant that can grow vines in even the worst of conditions. Inside, outside, in the dark, in the sun, your pothos will grow.

Check out our pothos care guide here.

2. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant leaves, indoor plants that love low light.

ZZ Plants are loved for their thick, waxy leaves that add lush foliage and colour to your home while being very low maintenance.

3. Peace Lily

Peace lily in low light conditions.

Peace Lilies are an easy plant to keep and produce beautiful, tropical flowers. While tolerant of low light, Peace Lilies won’t bloom as frequently without more sun.

4. Monstera

Monstera in low light conditions.

Monstera avoid direct sunlight but enjoy bright rooms. Despite that, they are tolerant of low light conditions. Only water your monstera when the soil is dry. Regularly mist the foliage during dry, hot summer weather.

5. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair ferns are loved for their delicate appearance. Keep your maidenhair fern in a warm spot with filtered light, they dislike high temperatures and direct sun.

6. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant in low light conditions.

Nerve plants (fittonia) prefer bright light conditions but tolerate low light well. They come in a few colourful varieties to choose from like red, pink and white.

7. Snake Plant

Snake plant in a black pot on a white surface.

Snake plants are an easy maintenance succulent. They can even tolerate dark areas. Ensure that you do not overwater your snake plant as it is a succulent and wet soil will cause root rot.

8. Parlor Palm

Parlor palm, the perfect plant for low light conditions.

Parlor Palms are a household plant favourite as they are extremely resilient and do well in medium light conditions and are low light tolerant. They are guaranteed to liven a bland corner of your home.

9. Spider Plant

Spider plant sitting on the top of a desk in low light.

Spider plants are easy to grow and share, making it the perfect plant to gift to others. They tolerate a lot of neglect and thrive in indirect lighting conditions.

10. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern hanging in a basket, perfect indoor plant for low light conditions.

Staghorn ferns thrive in indirect light and high humidity. The optimal place to position your Staghorn fern inside your home is the bathroom to accommodate its humidity and lighting needs.

That concludes our list of the best indoor plants that love low light. We hope you’ve found a plant to suit your home. Check out our other articles on plant favourites, care guides and plant maintenance.

Indoor Gardening

Tropical Indoor Plants

Here are some tropical indoor plants to start cultivating your plant jungle plus some tips on how to keep them alive and healthy.

Our favourite picks on tropical indoor plants and how to care for them.

1. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise in a grey pot, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Bird of Paradise plants are great because they are hardy, tolerant of a variety of conditions and create a dramatic impact with their size and large, flat leaves.

2. Elephant’s Ear

Elephant's Ear plant with lush green leaves, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Elephant’s Ears are perfect for cultivating your indoor jungle as they have fast growing foliage and large, bright green leaves.

3. Peace Lily

Peace Lily, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Peace lilies are already a house plant staple, and will add a great touch to your jungle as they produce white flowers to break through the varying tones of green your home will soon become.

4. Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica, one of the best trees for indoor jungle cultivation.

Ficus Elastica comes in a variety of colours and sizes, and like the bird of paradise, will create a statement piece for your home. With different colours to match your house colour scheme, you can’t go wrong with a Ficus Elastica.

Need help caring for your ficus elastica? Check out our care guide for more information on how to keep your ficus elastica happy.

5. Bromeliads

Bromeliads, an indoor tropical plant jungle must-have.

Bromeliads are a really interesting plant! Their leaf formation resembles a succulent’s rosette, but its tropical foliage and bright red colour are bound to create an accent of warm colour in your home.

6. Anthurium

Anthurium, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Anthuriums, like peace lilies, have beautiful flowers that are similar in appearance. While most tropical plants are often lush green, this plant is the spark your home needs to add some bright colour and fun.

7. Pothos

Pothos or Devil's Ivy, a tropical plant garden staple.

Here at Botanique Lane, we love pothos. We just can’t get enough! They’re easy to grow, can be styled to suit your room and their leaves are so satisfying to touch. With our other picks being catered toward plants that sit on surfaces of your home, Pothos can be hung in baskets, draped over bookshelves or climb up your walls!

Here is a care guide on how to ensure your pothos is happy!

8. Syngonium

Syngoniums, perfect, fast growing  tropical indoor plants.

Syngoniums come in a variety of colours and variegations. There are even groups of collectors dedicated to sharing their different varieties with one another because there are so many different types! While some can come at a steep price, standard pixie syngoniums will provide a fresh pop of light green to your home.

9. Philodendron Congo

Philodendron Congo, perfect tropical indoor plants.

There are a variety of species like the Jogo, Emerald, Moonlight and typical green. Philodendron Congos are fast growing and like most tropical plants, are easily rooted in water. This large plant will make a statement piece for any room of your house, and is easily shared with friends that marvel at your beautiful plant.

10. Monstera

Monstera, an indoor plant must-have and staple for your indoor plant jungle cultivation.

Monsteras are likely the most popular indoor plant at the moment, and with good reason. They are fast growing, easy to propagate and have unique foliage that feature cut out holes. There isn’t much not to love about monsteras. That’s why they are the perfect addition to your indoor jungle.

11. Pilea

Pileas, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Who can resist a good pilea? Their leaf shape is adorable and when in the right conditions, will sprout new leaves for you constantly. Just give it a skewer to climb up and your pilea will be happy!

12. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm, perfect tropical indoor plants.

Parlor palms are one of my household favourites because they are so easy to take care of. Unlike our other tropical plant picks, parlor palms have narrow, thin leaves that adds a new visual texture into the mix. They come in a wide range of sizes, from ones that will sit as an accent to your study desk to large plants that could frame your entrance.

Now that you’re ready to purchase your new tropical indoor plants, check out our article on types of plant pots for information on pots best suited to your plants and your home.