Outdoor Gardening

How to Block Noisy Neighbours Using Plants

Do you have a noisy neighbour? Do they have young children screaming away as they play in their own backyards? Or perhaps they are party animals that have weekend parties that go on all night? Our recommendation is to block noisy neighbours using plants, which are a natural barrier. They are beautiful and will attract wildlife including birds, bees and other beneficial insects. Hedges, shrubs and trees will do a good job of absorbing sound while acting as a privacy screen and sound barrier.

Our top picks of plants which will block noisy neighbours

1. Bamboo

Bamboo grown in a row.

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that when grown in clusters creates the effect of a screen divider. Not only to they block noisy neighbours, they are a beautiful natural screen.

2. Magnolia Trees

Magnolia tree branch blossoming pink flowers.

Magnolia trees grow to approximately 20 metres in height and 15 metres in width. The foliage of magnolia trees is beautiful and are sure to block our noise with their large span. The pink flowers are an absolute delight as well.

3. Lilly Pilly Hedge

Lilly pilly hedge being used as a screening device.

Lilly pilly hedges are native to Australia and are loved for their great screening abilities. It is well adapted to harsh climates and its evergreen foliage creates a divider that absorbs noise and blocks unwanted views.

4. Pittosporum Hedge

Pittosporum hedge being used to block out neighbours.

Pittosporum hedges are fast-growing and come in a variety of green shades. They have an overall lush and voluminous appearance that blocks noise and creates a visually appealing barrier.

There you have it! You can block noisy neighbours using plants quite easily, and before long, you might even forget why you planted them there!

But if these still don’t do the trick, perhaps consider some permanent (and expensive) solutions include privacy screens, good quality timber fences that can help absorb sound and water features. A large water feature with the soothing sound of trickling water can help to distract your attention. At the same time, a water feature can serve as a bird bath, attracting chirping birds which also serve as a lovely source of distraction.