Bargain Hunt

Shop at Markets for Cheap Plants

If you love plants but not the price tag at your local garden centre, why not head down to your local weekend market to get some cheap plants? Here is the story of how I did just that one weekend by scoring a bargain.

One of my favourite weekend activities (long before the days of Covid-19 lockdown) was to drop in at weekend markets. There would usually be at least a handful of plant sellers, who have grown their plants in their backyards or in their homes. That, to me, is perfect. It means that the plants have been grown in similar conditions as my own garden or home. Such plants are more than likely to thrive after being purchased.

It so happened that one Saturday, I took the wrong turn after avoiding some roadworks. I found myself along the road where a weekend market was open. It turned out to be a serendipitous move because I ended up with this beauty – a pothos (or money plant). It turned out to be so tall that it could barely fit into my car and had to be transported sideways. Fortunately, the totem pole wasn’t damaged in the process.

My cheap plant – Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

The plant was originally priced at $100 which is a bargain compared to most garden centres, considering its height and excellent condition. After bargaining the price down to $80, the person ahead of me turned down the offer and walked away. So I was left with the disappointed seller who then offered it to me for $70. I would have been happy to pay $80 for it, so you can imagine my elation. I could barely hide my broad smile as I happily carted it to my car.

For once in my life, I didn’t mind making the long detour to avoid roadworks. Cheap plants are guaranteed to cheer me up anytime!