Indoor Gardening Maintenance

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds By Using It As Fertilizer

Why used coffee grounds?

Without a doubt, you should start using used coffee grounds in your potting mix and indoor plants as it can be greatly beneficial to your indoor potted plants. Used grounds are high in nitrogen and nutrients which improves the fertility of the soil. Also, the smell of coffee is said to ward off and kill garden pests like slugs, caterpillars and even cats. The antimicrobial properties found inside used coffee grounds also benefits plants by preventing diseases in vegetables and other crops. Do not use freshly ground coffee beans or whole coffee beans as caffeine can affect your beloved plants in a disastrous way. It can suppress plant growth and cause your plant to die. Used grounds, however, have a much lower caffeine level and are much safer to incorporate.

Recycle used coffee ground as fertiliser for your plants.

How to incorporate?

To add coffee grounds to your soil, you can easily incorporate your coffee waste into your compost bin. You can add up to twenty percent used grounds into your compost’s total volume. Adding too much recycled grounds into your compost will compromise the ability for microbes to breakdown organic matter. Conversely, adding too little will limit the effect the grounds will have on your compost and further, your plants.

You can spread a thin layer of the coffee grounds onto the surface of the soil. Apply approximately half an inch to the top of the pot along with a layer of mulch or compost. Avoid adding a thick layer of coffee grounds. This will create a barrier that won’t allow air or water properly penetrate the soil.

Check our article on DIY potting mix to create your own potting mix to suit different plant types. Try incorporating recycled grounds to them as a natural and zero-waste fertilizer alternative.