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Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) Care Guide

Pothos or devil’s ivy lives up to its name. It is virtually impossible to kill it as it is very easy-growing, hassle-free and low-maintenance. It trails, creeps and climbs, making it a versatile indoor and outdoor plant.

Devil’s ivy is known by various names including pothos and money plant. Its scientic name is Epipremnum aureum and there are many cultivars including marble queen, jade, satin, neon and golden.

It grows very well in tropical countries where it fares very well both indoors in the shade and outdoors in full sun. In Australia it does not like the strong sunlight and may burn, especially in summer. It tolerates cold and frost but prefers to be in warmer conditions. Pothos love to climb and can be trained up trellises or totem poles.

Common Problems with Pothos

  1. Stunted Growth – too little water. Although devil’s ivy is hardy and drough tolerant (it will hang on for dear life for a long time!), it will die if the roots dry out.
  2. Leaves are mostly green instead of having variegations – insufficient light. Move it to a position where it has more light.

Common Mistakes with Pothos

  1. Underwatering
  2. Leaving it in low light conditions indoors

Care Requirements & Guide

Watering: The devil’s ivy loves water and can be grown in a jar of water. It also does very well in moist soil. Despite this, it can stay alive for long periods in very dry soil conditions. The leaves may look droopy in such conditions (for example, while you are away for a holiday) but will quickly perk up when it is watered again.

Light: The devil’s ivy grows perfectly well in low lighting conditions. However, this may result in the leaves growing dark green and having less variegations. When it is exposed to more light, pothos tends to have more white variegations.

Temperature: Pothos prefers to be warm. In colder climates, it may suffer if it gets too cold in winter and will prefer to be indoors away from draughts.

Humidity: Devil’s ivy cope with low humidity but they have a preference for high humidity. It is unnecessary to mist it but it’ll reward you if you place it near a humidifier or in a more humid environment such as the bathroom.

Soil: Devil’s ivy is versatile and grows well in all sorts of soil condition. It also grows well in a jar of water.

Propagation: The devil’s ivy is easily propagated by cuttings. All you have to do is to take a cutting and stick it into a jar of water until roots sprout. In warmer months, this happens quite quickly. In colder months, it may take a while to sprout roots but the leaves will still manage to stay green and perky during this time. It is also possible to plant the cuttings directly into soil before roots sprout, so long as the soil is kept moist.

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