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Pet Safe Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants can be dangerous if your cats and dogs eat or chew houseplants. By getting plants that are safe and non-toxic to your furry friends, you’ll have peace of mind that your plants are not hurting your pets. Don’t let your pets hold you back from having your dream indoor plant haven, here are some pet-safe indoor plants to ease your mind.

10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Cultivate your Indoor Plant Jungle Without Harming Your Furry Friends.

1. Spider Plant

Spider plant sitting on the top of a desk.

Spider Plants are also known as ribbon or aeroplane plants and are easy to grow and extremely resilient. They are air purifiers and get rid of your home’s toxins while tolerating a wide range of conditions.

2. African Violet

African Violets on a window sill, a perfect pet friendly plant

African Violets have beautiful flowers that come in a range of pinks and purples. They are low maintenance and thrive in medium light conditions. Bottom water your African Violet to keep it moist without damaging foliage.

3. Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird's Nest Fern, a perfect pet safe indoor plant.

Bird’s Nest Ferns are great because they do well in medium-low light conditions. Water your Bird’s Nest Fern weekly and keep the humidity up by misting frequently.

4. Polka Dot Plant

Polka dot plant, pet safe indoor plants.

Polka Dot Plants sport pink, white and red foliage. They are a relatively small plant, native to Madagascar that grows to approximately 25 centimetres in height.

5. Peperomia

Peperomia, indoor house plant safe for cats and dogs.

Peperomias are a popular houseplant that comes in a range of diverse colours and textures. They need very little water and have thick, waxy leaves.

6. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm, indoor pet friendly houseplant.

Parlor Palms love indirect light and will grow up to several metres tall to give a lush green impact in your home without harming your pets.

7. Venus Flytrap

Venus Fly Trap

Venus Flytraps are pet friendly and low maintenance. Place it in a region that receives a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight. Use moss as a substrate instead of soil.

8. Orchids


Orchids will add an elegance to your home without posing a threat to your plants. They thrive in partial light. Water them once a week and twice a week during the summer.

9. Baby Tears

Baby Tears

Place your Baby Tears in a location with filtered light and moist soil. Water frequently to ensure it does not dry out.

10. Gloxinia


Native to Brazil, these beautiful flowers will blossom shades of purple, red, pink or even blue. Place them on a sunny windowsill and keep the soil moist. Gloxinias will make a perfect addition to your home while being pet safe indoor plants.

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