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Miniature Succulents (Where You Can Buy Them)

Altogether miniature succulents are a great way to add greenery to your indoor spaces if you have a limit amount of interior area to position your indoor friends. However, succulents don’t have to be boring, they don’t have to have a rosette shape and they definitely do not have to be green. Thus, here are our favourite picks on small, compact succulents in different colours and shapes to add a pop of vibrancy and interest to your home.

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Here, a lot of the succulent types we have chosen are trailing or ground cover succulents, meaning that they can be kept compact very easily but frequent trimming and that they will not grow tall, instead, they stay close to the pot level. But don’t throw away your trimmed stems and leaves! Instead, you can use those offcuts to propagate your succulents and share them with your friends and family. Additionally to learn how to propagate succulents, check out our article on succulent propagation.

1. Sedum Hispanicum Succulent

2. Blue Elf Sedum Sunsparkler

3. Sedum Suzie Q English

4. Sedum Sieboldii Succulent

5. Sedum Donkey’s Tail Succulent

6. Sedum Major Succulent

7. Cape Blanco Sedum Sparthulifolium

8. Cherry Tart Sedum Sunsparkler

9. Sedum Lime Zinger Succulent

10. Red Carpet Sedum Succulent

Overall, Succulents require minimal care as they have water reserves in their fat fleshy leaves. Place your succulents in an area that receives bright, indirect light as well as a lower humidity level. Make sure that your pot of choice has sufficient drainage as well as a good potting mix that is equally well-draining. Only water your succulent when the soil is completely dry to prevent root rot.

Not only are succulents easy to care for, but also easy to propagate. You can equally propagate your succulents by breaking off leaves or snipping off stems. So, to learn more about how to propagate succulents, check out our article on succulent propagation.

Since succulents require bright light, try placing your miniature succulents on your dining table as a centrepiece, on your desk as a study companion or even on your bathroom counter.