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Interesting Types of Cacti (and Where to Buy Them)

There are many different types of cacti and here we have collated our top 10 favourites with links to where you can purchase them. As a result, there is bound to be one that suits you uniquely.

1. Peruvian Old Man Cactus

Firstly, The Peruvian Old Man Cactus is a columnar cactus that is characterised by its dense woolly hair. It can grow to approximately 8 inches in diameter in addition to 23 feet in height! Not only does it have a woolly cover, but the Old Man Cactus also has sharp spines and ribs hidden.

2. Christmas Cactus/ Thanksgiving Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is also known as the Thanksgiving cactus and has a flattened profile of leaves that form the stems. They flower red and pink blooms during the holiday seasons, hence its name. It is a popular flowering houseplant because of its low maintenance and beautiful flowers. The Christmas Cactus is also simple to propagate. You can check out our article on how to propagate succulents to find out more.

3. Lady Fingers Cactus

Thirdly is the Lady Fingers Cactus which has clusters of cylindrical stems with yellow spines. Generally, it blooms pink-yellow flowers in spring and is easy to grow. Above all, the Lady Fingers Cactus thrives in cactus compost and full sun. Water during spring and summer only and fertilise once a month with a cactus fertiliser. The best spot for your lady fingers cactus indoors as well as a sheltered patio during the summer months.

4. Mexican Fence Post Cactus

The Mexican Fence Post Cactus is columnar and can grow to 12 feet in height. The stems the Mexican Fence Post Cactus grows can reach 4 inches in diameter and can have 5 to 7 ribs. It has a central spine which is slightly yellow in colour. The flowers can vary from pink to green and the spiny fruits it produces are yellow-red.

5. Thimble Cactus

The thimble cactus is a small cactus native to central Mexico that has small round bodies that are covered in white spines. The clusters form mats that flower in late winter and feature creamy white flowers. To grow your thimble cactus you will need gritty succulent or cactus potting soil. The thimble cactus has a preference for bright light and well ventilated areas so the soil is able to dry out. You can propagate the little broken bodies into a new plant.

6. Blue Candle Cactus

The Blue Candle Cactus is also known as the Cactus Myrtle or Bilberry Cactus and is a large shrubby cactus that can grow up to 16.5 feet in height. When reaching maturity, the cactus can grow branches. In general, stems can vary in the number of ribs from 5 to 8 ribs with spine-bearing areoles about 1.2 inches apart. The Blue Candle Cactus, in particular, has cream and white flowers and can produce sweet, edible, dark red, berry-like fruits.

7. Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

The Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus grows up to 14 inches in height that often remains a singular plant or a loosely clumped cluster. The stems remain solitary and can grow to 5 inches in diameter with spines that are yellow, pinkish or brownish. The flowers the Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus produces are diurnal and pink in colour, growing to the length of 3 inches.

8. Dwarf Chin Cactus

The Dwarf Chin Cactus has spines that curve toward the stems, making it a more pet and child friendly cactus than the other cacti on this list. It glowers purple and red blooms in early summer.

9. Peanut Cactus

Comparatively, the peanut cactus can grow to 6 inches in height and has pale green stems that are 6 inches long. Furthermore, it can grow 8 to 10 ribs on each stem which has 10 to 15 soft white bristles. During blooming season, the peanut cactus will produce red and orange flowers.

10. Variegated Corn Cob Cactus

Also known as the Indian Corn Cob, the Variegated Corn Cob Cactus is fast growing and has thick, chalky green, ribbed stems. They can change colour to a rosy pink during mild stress situations like cold weather. During maturity, the Indian Corn Cob can reach 8-10 inches.

In summary, those are our favourite picks on the different interesting types of cacti.

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