Indoor Gardening

Indoor Herb Garden That You Can Grow Any Time of Year

Plants are great for your home, but what’s even better than that is edible plants! They look great on your kitchen window sill and provide flavour to your cooking. This list of herbs grows all year round meaning you won’t need anything but water and sunlight to grow them. Keeping them indoors means that we can grow herbs that don’t like cold, outdoor winter temperatures. By buying all the plants on this list you will be able to create your very own indoor herb garden, and the best part is that it can grow any time during the year and will last through the winter.

Your herbs will need plenty of sunlight so ensure that it is on a window sill to ensure it gets bright light for at least half of the day. Like all plants, ensure that the pot has sufficient drainage and give your pot a saucer to catch water.

Here are 10 plants for your indoor herb garden.

1. Rosemary

rosemary, indoor herb garden

Rosemary blooms throughout the year and is a perennial herb. You can use rosemary for seasoning and garnishing red meats like beef and lamb. Growing rosemary from cuttings is easy, stick in water or moist substrate until roots form.

2. Basil

basil, plant to grow on your kitchen window sill

Basil is a common herb in many cuisines across the globe. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, K, calcium and potassium. It doesn’t grow much in winter so do not overharvest your basil during colder weather. Placing basil on a window sill will ensure that it gets the warmth and sunlight it requires.

3. Chervil

chervil, indoor herb garden

Chervil requires less light than the other herbs but needs heat, so placing it on a window sill is still ideal within your kitchen.

4. Mint

mint, how to grow indoors

Mint is the weediest of the herbs and grows wild and overtakes planters. This herb is guaranteed to last through the winter cold. Mint has iron and vitamin C and has a fragrant scent and strong flavour.

5. Bay

bay, kitchen herb garden

Bay does not require as much sunlight as basil and will thrive in shaded areas. Ensure that it gets enough air circulation, do not overcrowd your window sill with too many herbs.

6. Chives

chives, indoor propagation

Chives are great because you can place them in water and trim off the green ends with scissors as needed.

7. Sage

sage, growing inside

Sage tolerates dry, indoor air and requires bright direct sun.

8. Thyme

thyme, window sill herb garden

It is a great herb for pork and will add lemony tones to your dish. Thyme does not grow as fast in winter and cutting old growth will prevent new leaves from growing.

9. Parsley


Ensure your parsley gets full sun. It is one of the easier herbs to grow indoors but needs direct light, so ensure it stays on a bright window sill.

10. Oregano


Oregano can be propagated by trimming the end of a plant and sticking it in moist soil or water. Once rooted, place it near a window.

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Herb Garden Product Recommendations

The All-in-One Culinary Herb Variety Pack includes 15 culinary herbs such as basil, borage, chives, cilantro (coriander), chervil, fennel, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, safe, savory and thyme.
The Culinary Herb Seed Bank includes everything you need to start growing your own organic herbs for cooking in the kitchen – 12 culinary seed varieties (2 types of basil, chives, cilantro, cumin, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, savory and tarragon) and seed starting pellets to ensure your success.
The Garden-in-a-Pail (Herb Mix) comprises organic mixed herbs (basil, garlic chives, parsley) which can be grown in the leak-proof pail (included) right on your windowsill.