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Growing Indoor Plants In Water

Overwatering, under watering, sometimes it’s just hard to keep your plants alive. So why not eliminate that factor altogether and grow your plants in water. Growing plants in water means that there are no gnats, no soil and you get to watch the roots grow. This method is low maintenance and disease and pest resistant.

So what plants can you grow in water?

The best indoor plants that grow in water.

1. Pothos

Pothos in a hanging pot

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2. Arrowhead

arrowhead plant water propagation

Arrowhead plants or syngoniums are a tropical vine. To Propagate them, cut an inch below an aerial root so that it will grow in water.

3. Philodendron

how to grow philodendron in water

Philodendrons, like Arrowheads, are also a tropical plant. To propagate Philodendrons, cut below an aerial root with sharp scissors and transfer to water.

4. English Ivy

water propagating english ivy

English Ivy is able to be propagated by cutting approximately six inches of a mature plant’s vine and submerging the stem in water. Do not let the leaves touch water.

5. Monstera

monstera, what plants to grow in water

Monstera plants are able to be propagated in water if the stem removed contains an aerial root. So trim a stem off and submerge it in water.

6. Peace Lily

peace lily, how to grow plants in water

Peace Lilies do best when transferred into water as a whole plant rather than propagated so wash off the soil and place it in water.

7. Spider Plant

growing spider plants in water

Spider plants are water propagated by trimming off a pup from the main plant and placing the roots in water. They grow super fast.

8. Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo sprouting leaves in water

Lucky bamboo can simply be placed in a bottle of water. Nothing special, just fertilise it once in a while.

9. Wandering Jew

wandering jew, growing in water

Take scissors and trim a stem, removing lower sets of leaves. Place the node in water to regrow roots in a container that submerges them.

10. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen, water propagation

Remove a stem with roots and transfer it into a glass jar that submerges the roots in water. Use rainwater where possible. We recommend removing at least six inches of stem to regrow a Chinese Evergreen in Water.

How to grow your plants in water?

Most plants are able to propagate in water but not all will thrive and grow in water. Growing plants without soil is known as hydroculture and instead of potting soil, gel/water beads or clay pebbles are used. They absorb and contain water so that the roots get to breathe while getting water as it allows air to circulate around the roots.

To grow your plant in water, remove the plant with roots and transfer it into a glass jar, submerging the roots in water. It is best to use rainwater as it doesn’t contain chemicals. However, if you are going to use tap water, leave the water in the jar for a day to let the chlorine evaporate.

Have fun growing plants in water!