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Daisy Plants (Asteraceae) Care Guide

Daisy plants (Asteraceae) are cheerful flowers that are a ‘must have’ in any garden. However, be aware that there are many different types of flowers which we refer to as ‘daisies’. There are common daisies, african daisies, english daisies, and so on.

Daisies create a cheerful disposition for any garden, so it’s not hard to see why they are popular.

Common Problems with Daisy Plants

There are not many problems with daisy plants as they are generally low maintenance and disease resistant. However, do look out for aphids and leaf spot, and treat them accordingly.

Common Mistakes with Daisy Plants

  1. Planting indoors – Daisies are outdoor plants which will not thrive indoors.
  2. Not controlling it within its own garden bed – Daisies can be considered as weeds as they are prolific growers.

Care Requirements & Guide for Daisy Plants

Watering: Daisies are hardy perennials. When they are established, they are usually drought tolerant. However, water them regularly during dry periods or if they are growing in an area that is dry and hot.

Light: Daisy plants thrive in full sun. It’s best to select a sunny site that they can grow for years to come.

Soil: Enrich the soil with manure and compost, so that the soil becomes rich and well drained for growing daisies.

Fertiliser: Add a general purpose fertilizer in the early growth stage, and once a month afterwards.

Propagation: Daisies can be propagated by division in spring or through seeds in spring or late autumn. It is a good idea to divide your daisies every two to three years to improve flowering and overall plant health.

Fun Facts about Daisies

Daisies can be used make necklaces (daisy chains).

A single daisy flower is actually made up of two separate flowers. The petals in the center are one flower (disk florets) which is surrounded by the petal-like white “rays” of another flower (florets) at the periphery. This arrangement on daisies is a type of inflorescence known as a capitulum.

We hope you enjoy your daisies for many years to come. Happy planting! Send us your photos of your daisy beds. We would be more than happy to feature them on Facebook or Instagram!