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Benefits of Having a Bird Bath in Your Garden

Being outdoors in the garden is a calming and therapeutic experience (especially more so for those of us in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic). The sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind, not to mention pleasure of warm sunshine on your face, can soothe the day’s stresses away. If you love being in your garden, consider getting a bird bath for it.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should have a bird bath in your garden.

1. Bird Baths Attract Birds

Yes, we are stating the obvious – a bird bath attracts birds! Besides the lovely sound of birds chirping in your garden, there are other reasons why birds are beneficial to your garden.

2. Birds Aerate the Soil

When birds are done with drinking and bathing in the bird bath, they will hang around in your garden, pecking away at the soil for worms. In the process, they loosen and aerate the soil, while also stripping away dead plant material.

3. Birds are a Natural Insect Control Method

Birds will also be scrounging around for insects that may be damaging your plants. It is a healthier option of getting rid of pests like cabbage worms, mealy bugs and aphids without using pesticides.

4. Attract Beneficial Insects

Butterflies and bees are also attracted to water in the bird bath and will frequent your garden. These beneficial insects will help to pollinate the flowers in your garden, helping your plants to thrive.

5. Focal Point in the Garden

Last but not least, a bird bath acts as a focal point in the garden, which is not only attractive but also soothing. There are many versions of bird baths. Some are shallow troughs on a raised platform, while others may be water features complete with mini waterfalls.

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