Bargain Hunt

Art Print with Plants

OK, so this isn’t quite a bargain hunt for plants. But who could resist a large contemporary poster featuring not one, but 100 plants! Imagine that – an art print with plants! The next best thing to having a plant.

I spotted a few of my favourite plants in there including a rubber plant and believe that I have the perfect spot for it in my home.

Potter over now and supporting this commission artist who clearly has a love for plants!

Here’s the link to purchase this art print with plants, which can be shipped worldwide: 100 Plants [A1 Sized, Large Art Print]

Plant art print in black and white featuring 100 unique house plants.

There is also a transparent version of this, if you prefer the minimalist look. 100 House Plants (Transparent Print)

Artist’s blurb: 100 Plants is a series documenting my new found obsession with indoor plants! Especially during this unprecedented time of COVID, plants have been a way for me to enjoy being at home, providing a hobby and much-needed greenery into my room and workspaces. It amazes me that plants while being made up of a similar structure of trunk, leaves and roots, can come in so many diverse shapes, colours and sizes. This print was a way for me to research and explore the 100 most common types of house plants and how interesting each plant silhouette is. This print has become a wish list of sorts, with me crossing off each plant as it finds its way into my home

Since coming across the prints, I discovered that the artist designed the logo for Pretty Ugly Plants and the drawings of succulents with coffee related quipment for Merlin Coffee.