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Air Plant Care: Lighting, Water and Fertilizer

Air plant care is often something that is forgotten. Though low maintenance, it is important to look after your air plants to ensure healthy growth.

What are air plants?

Air plant care, how to care for your air plant considering lighting, water and fertilizer.

Air plants are an excellent starter plant for novice plant enthusiasts because they don’t require soil. Although they don’t survive on air alone, air plants are a fun and decorative way to spice up any room. As members of the Tillandsia genus, air plants are found naturally in forests, deserts and mountains of America.

Air Plant Care

Here are things you should consider when caring for your air plants:

  1. Lighting conditions
  2. Water
  3. Fertilizer

Lighting Conditions

Air plants do best when they receive bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight over prolonged periods of time may cause your air plant to wither. Meanwhile, a lack of light will mean your plant won’t sufficiently photosynthesise.

For a room where natural lighting is not sufficient, full-spectrum fluorescent lights are a suitable alternative. Keep your plants within close proximity of the light ensuring it has exposure for a minimum of 12 hours a day.


Both misting and soaking your air plant will ensure that it is receiving a sufficient amount of water without causing the leaves to rot. How often you mist and soak your plant will depend on the conditions of your plant’s location like the amount of light it receives and the temperature of your home. You can soak your plant for up to 10 minutes by submerging it in a container of water. Ensure that is able to fully dry within three hours to prevent any rot. You can also mist your plant frequently to ensure it is moist but not wet. Alternatively, you may also place your air plant near a humidifier. Water more frequently in Summer as opposed to Winter as your plant will be more likely to dry out during hotter weather.


Following up with your air plant care, and ensuring that your air plant continues to grow, you can incorporate fertilisers designed for orchids or bromeliads into the water in which you soak your air plants up to twice a month. This will encourage growth, reproduction and even blossoming.

Where to buy air plants?

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