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10 Weird Looking Succulents (and Where to Buy Them)

Succulents are a great plant to collect and there are thousands of varieties. Why not get the weirdest looking ones? It’s a great way to add a unique and quirky look to your plant collection to contrast your more traditional flat-leaved foliage. Here are 10 weird looking succulents for you to buy for yourself or as a gift for your plant crazy friends.

1. Propeller Plant

The Propeller Plant is interesting because of its blue-grey coloured leaves that form a propeller arrangement in an overlapping pattern. It is also known as the Airplane Plant due to its shape.

In addition to that, during the summer it may product scarlet red flowers which will attract birds and bees.

2. Paper Spine Cactus

The Paper Spine Cactus has soft spines that are long, flat and pointy and have a texture of paper. When those spines reach a certain length, they will begin. to curl and develop the appearance of ribbons.

3. Coral Aloe Vera

Coral Aloes have flat broad leaves like traditional aloes, however, they don’t have jagged edges. Instead, they have sweet pink edges if they have been grown under full sun or cold weather. The leaves also have light coloured lines that run along its length. In late winter to early spring, the Coral Aloe will produce red flowers in clusters on 2-foot tall stems.

4. Cocoon Plant

The Cocoon Plant is a perennial native to South Africa. It is also known as the Wooly Senecio due to its white felt surface on the cylindrical, sharp-tipped leaves. This dwarf shrub can grow to 1 foot in size.

5. Echeveria Bittersweet

The Echeveria Bittersweet can grow to 12 inches in size with crimped pale pink leaves. Beyond that, they produce red and yellow bell-shaped flowers and are a drought-tolerant species.

6. Raindrops Succulent

The Raindrops Succulent has strange bumps near the tips of its pale leaves that can turn red or pink when under light stress conditions like cold weather or bright light. They can grow to 6 inches in width.

7. Bishop’s Cap Cactus

The Bishop’s Cap is a cactus without spikes which however has white hairy scales that make it appear white or silver. It usually has five ribs but can grow to eight as it matures, reaching a diameter of 8 inches.

Coupled with its interesting look, the flowers it produces are funnel-shaped and glossy yellow, giving off a sweet scent and growing to 3 inches in length. It can even produce red fruits that grow to 1 inch in diameter once matured.

8. Echeveria Elegans Blue

This echeveria has plump blue-green leaves that are round and tightly clumped. Compared to other succulents, it grows quickly and produces pink and yellow flowers on pink stems.

9. Echeveria Black Knight

Black Knights are fascinating succulents because of their dark, narrow leaves that create a pointy look. Besides that, during the summer, Black Knights have dark red flowers which greatly contrasts the dark foliage.

10. Calico Hearts

In this case, Calico Hearts are a relatively small succulent as they grow up to 4-6 inches in size. For the most part, the leaves are about 1.5 inches and have dark purple spots. They produce small flowers in late spring.

In particular, to ensure that your Calico Heart thrives, place it in porous soil with good drainage and bright, filtered light. Only water your succulent when the soil is dry, do not let your succulent sit in water or wet the leaves.

Thus that concludes our list on 10 weird looking succulents. Above all, we hope you have found one wacky enough to spice up your collection. However, if you want more succulent ideas, check out our article on 10 Rare Succulents and Where to Buy Them.