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“When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.” – Minnie Auomonier

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Blog Posts

Outdoor Gardening Tips

6 Poisonous Christmas Plants

As we excitedly fill our homes with trees, lights, decorations, flowers and gifts during the Christmas season, it's worth bearing ...
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9 Gardens for Small Spaces

Not all of us are fortunate to have huge gardens in which we could lose ourselves. Short of climbing to ...
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How to Care for Air Plants

My first introduction to air plants took place some 15 years ago when someone passed me an air plant before ...
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Growing an Edible Garden for Pet Rabbits

If you have pet rabbits, you might like to grow an edible garden for rabbits, for example, herbs, vegetables and ...
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Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening refers to the technique of growing plants in nutrient-rich water instead of soil There are 2 main methods ...
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The best easy-care indoor flowering plants for your home.

Flowering Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Maintain

Easy-Care Flowering Houseplants Flowering indoor plants are a wonderful way to spruce up your home with colour in an inexpensive ...
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Featured Succulents & Cacti

Where to buy clear sucuclents

Clear Succulents: A Fascinating New Trendy Plant

Succulents are a must-have plant due to their low maintenance care and a vast array of shapes, colours and textures ...
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Interesting types of cacti, where to buy cacti

Interesting Types of Cacti (and Where to Buy Them)

There are many different types of cacti and here we have collated our top 10 favourites with links to where ...
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Miniature Succulents for small homes

Miniature Succulents (Where You Can Buy Them)

Altogether miniature succulents are a great way to add greenery to your indoor spaces if you have a limit amount ...
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Pink succulents and where to buy them

10 Stunning Pink Succulents (and Where to Buy Them)

Pink succulents are a stunning way to mix up your indoor or outdoor foliage by adding a splash of colour ...
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Weird and wacky succulents to add to your collection.

10 Weird Looking Succulents (and Where to Buy Them)

Succulents are a great plant to collect and there are thousands of varieties. Why not get the weirdest looking ones? ...
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Rare succulents and hard to find succulents to round out your collection.

10 Rare Succulents (and Where to Buy Them)

Succulents...there are just so many. So you've got a collection of echeverias, jades and maybe even some lithops, but have ...
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Featured Plants

Feijoa (Acca sellowiano) Care Guide

One of my favourite fruits is the feijoa, a small oval fruit with smooth, greenish skin and creamy white flesh ...
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Air Plant Care

Air Plant Care: Lighting, Water and Fertilizer

Air plant care is often something that is forgotten. Though low maintenance, it is important to look after your air ...
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Persian Shield Plants (Strobilanthes dyerianus) Care Guide

When I went nursery hopping recently, I came across a few pots of stunning purple-leafed plants which I couldn't get ...
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Daisy Plants (Asteraceae) Care Guide

Daisy plants (Asteraceae) are cheerful flowers that are a 'must have' in any garden. However, be aware that there are ...
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Mint (Mentha) Care Guide

The mint plant (Mentha) is a hardy, perennial herb grown for its leaves, which have a variety of culinary uses, ...
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Agave Care Guide

Agave is native to hot and arid climates in America and tropical areas of South America. Its scientific name is ...
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Growing from Seeds

How to Prevent Leggy Seedlings

If you've ever grown seedlings that were tall and skinny, you'd understand the disappointment. Leggy seeddlings tend to be floppy ...
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6 Vegetable Seeds to Plant in Winter

Growing vegetables from seeds is an economical approach to starting up your vegetable garden and putting food on your table ...
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6 Vegetable Seeds to Plant in Fall

Growing vegetables from seeds is an economical approach to starting up your vegetable garden and putting food on your table ...
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6 Vegetable Seeds to Plant in Summer

Growing vegetables from seeds is an economical approach to starting up your vegetable garden and putting food on your table ...
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6 Vegetable Seeds to Plant in Spring

Growing vegetables from seeds is an economical approach to starting up your vegetable garden and putting food on your table ...
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Single seedling growing in soil

10 Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Seed Sowing

Starting a garden from seed is an economical approach. However, to ensure successful seed sowing, there are a number of ...
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Garden & Plant Maintenance

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds By Using It As Fertilizer

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds By Using It As Fertilizer

Why used coffee grounds? Without a doubt, you should start using used coffee grounds in your potting mix and indoor ...
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DIY Potting Mix Recipes

DIY Potting Mix Recipes For Different Plant Types

DIY potting mix recipes consist of a combination of 'ingredients' that provide the substrate required for your plant while adding ...
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Ants – Boon or Bane in the Garden?

I am somewhat fond of ants, having had an little ant farm as a science experiment when I was a ...
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5 Things to Do to Maintain Your Garden

Everyone loves a beautiful garden. But not everyone knows how to maintain a garden or has the inclination to. Our ...
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Natural Pest Control Remedies

Pest control are an ongoing issue that every gardener faces. There are many pest control products available on the market ...
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Having plant pest troubles? Here is a list of five of the most common plant pests and how to identify and eliminate them.

How To Identify and Eliminate Indoor Plant Pests

Pests can be annoying, and the last thing you want is to see that your plant baby is being attacked ...
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